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Working with Children Checks

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*IMPORTANT Information for all Coaches/Managers and Volunteers at Pottsville Beach Football Club. For clarification of any details below please contact the Office of the Children’s Guardian.


or PBFC Working with Children registrar Dale Frazer 0439 035 293

 Please note: Pottsville Beach Football Club encourages all those Working with Children, to complete a check in good faith, whether they are deemed exempt or not.



Who needs a Working with Children Check?

Adults who work or volunteer in a child-related role will need a new Working with Children Check unless they are exempt (see ‘Who doesn’t need a check’ below). The role must involve face-to-face contact with children in:


    child development

    child protection

    children’s health services

    clubs or other bodies providing services for children

    disability services

    early education and child care


    entertainment for children

    justice services

    out of home care

    religious services

    residential services

    transport services for children

    youth workers.


Who doesn’t need a Working with Children Check?

There are important exemptions to the requirement to obtain a Working

With Children Check, particularly for volunteers.

There are exemptions for volunteer parents and other close relatives* whose children are participating in a sports activity. For example, coaches and managers who are parent’s or close family members of children normally participating in that particular team.

Work as a referee, umpire, lines person or otherwise as a sporting official or a grounds person if the work does not ordinarily involve contact with children for extended periods without other adults being present. There are also exemptions for those who help around the club but do not have direct face-to-face contact with children, such as canteen staff or maintenance workers.

People under the age of 18 are exempt.


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* Part 1, clause 3 of the Regulation defines a close relative as:

(a) a spouse or de factor partner of the person, or

(b) a child, step-child, sibling, step-sibling, parent, step-parent, grandparent, step-grandparent, aunt, uncle, niece or nephew of the person,

and includes, in the case of an Aboriginal person or a Torres Strait Islander, persons who are part of the extended family or kin of the person, according to the indigenous kinship system of the person’s culture.



Information for parents and parent volunteers

More detailed information for parents and parent volunteers is available at:



How to find out whether someone is cleared to work with children

The new Check is paperless, and you cannot accept printed evidence of a clearance. The only way to tell whether someone is cleared to work with children is to verify their Working With Children Check (WWC) number online.


Fact sheets covering all aspects of Working with Children Checks can be found at:







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