2019 Season – Important Information for all Members

2019 Season – Important Information for all Members

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Please find a summary of important information for the 2019 season below. More detailed information about these topics can be found on the relevant links on this website. Before registering, please make sure you are familiar with our:

  • Proskills Program (U8-U16 age groups)
  • Girls Academy Program (U8 – U11 age groups)
  • Girls only teams (U8-U11 age groups) and
  • Selection process for the U9/U10 Skill Acquisition Program (SAP).

YOU WILL NEED YOUR ACTIVE KIDS VOUCHER BEFORE REGISTERING IF YOU WANT TO USE IT OUR CLUB – follow the prompts to add the voucher number during the registration process. Get your voucher at https://www.service.nsw.gov.au/transaction/apply-active-kids-voucher

TO BE VALID YOUR REGISTRATION MUST BE PAID IN FULL – the club has a strict no pay no play policy.

REGISTRATION DATES – Registrations open 1st Feb 2019.

PLEASE DO NOT DELAY REGISTRATION. There are cut off dates and places on some teams are limited. Where this is the case, places will be allocated based on date of registration (and any trial process in place for that team i.e. U9/U10 SAP squad trials and junior/senior team trials where applicable).

Registration cut off dates:

  • Junior (U12-U16)/senior competition teams: Friday 1st March.
  • MiniRoos (U6-U11): Friday 15th March.

REGISTRATION PROCESS – All players must register online.

The registration process has changed slightly from previous years. You will need to create a Football Account and link family members to your account at https://account.footballnetwork.com.au/register and then follow the prompts to register. Use the same email address to create your account as you have used for previous soccer registrations (if you or members of your immediate family have played before). Register yourself and then link family members (e.g. children) when prompted.

Information you will be promoted to enter:

  • Our Club: Postcode – 2489 name -Pottsville Beach Football Club
  • Role: player (if registering to play soccer)
  • Football type: Club Football
  • Playing level: Community

NB You DO NOT need to contact the club if playing at our club for the first time.

For help setting up your football account and registering online call the Play Football support desk on 02 8880 7983: Monday-Friday 9am – 9pm AEST.

Enquiries about club registration processes (i.e. not the online registration process) can be addressed to registrar.pbfc@gmail.com .


Players will be placed in teams based on their year of birth unless younger players are required to fill places in older teams. The following birth years for age group apply:

  • U6: Born 2013 or 2014 (players born in 2013 who played last year remain in U6 age group)
  • U7: Born 2012
  • U8: Born 2011
  • U9: Born 2010
  • U10: Born 2009
  • U11: Born 2008
  • U12: Born 2007
  • U13: Born 2006
  • U14: Born 2005
  • U15: Born 2004
  • U16: Born 2003
  • Senior: 2002 or before.

-Once teams have been formed by our age coordinators the names of players in each team will be added to the club website.

-At MiniRoos Day on Sat 6th April, miniroos players (U6-11) will meet their team and select a coach/manager (if someone has not already nominated). IT IS IMPORTANT THAT YOU ATTEND MINIROOS DAY SO PLEASE SAVE THE DATE. MiniRoos Day will be held at Pottsville Beach Sports Club (Bowls club) not at our fields.

-MiniRoos Day will also be your opportunity to purchase uniforms if you are new to the club or need replacement items from last year.

2019 FEES 

Please note that Active Kids Vouchers ($100 government voucher for children 18 years and under obtained from Services NSW) can be applied at registration only (i.e. you will need to obtain your voucher before registering). If you apply your voucher during registration, $100 will be deducted from the fees below.

  • U6-7: $160
  • U8-11: $185
  • U12-U16: $225
  • 17 – 18 years (born 2002 and 2001): $265
  • Seniors (19+): $350

Bank Details:

Commonwealth Bank BSB 062643 Acc No 10049618

-Players will also need to purchase their club uniform (socks – $8, shirt – $15 and shorts – $15). The uniforms are the same as last year so only those needing replacement items or new players will need to purchase uniforms.

-All players are required to wear shin pads. These can be purchased from most sports stores.


Minroos (4-11 years) games commence 4th May. Your teams training date will be determined at Miniroos Day and is usually dependent on the availability of the coach your teams selects.

Senior and junior competitive team games commence 29th/30th/31st March. Games are usually played on Saturday but Friday night and Sunday games are sometimes scheduled.

Proskills Program training is on Wednesday afternoons (additional training session for U8-U16 age groups – select (Proskills option during registration).

Skill Development Programs


Available for U8-U16 age groups. Training session 1/week (Wed afternoon) lead by qualified coaches. (U8-U11 – 12 week program; U12-U16 – 10 week program). In addition to team training. Additional cost, $60 for U8-U11 and $50 for U12-U16– select Proskills Program option under ‘other products’ during registration. For more information about this program contact Liz Edwards liz6@froggy.com.au.

SAP PROGRAM – Skill Acquisition Program overseen by Northern NSW Football.

For players born 2009 and 2010 (U9 and U10) – Players wishing to participate in this program must attend the trials scheduled for Feb 6th, 13th and 20th 5pm – 6.15pm. Only a limited number of places are available for this program and selection will be based on player performance during the trial process. Selected players will play with their SAP team for Saturday MiniRoos games, but up a grade. SAP teams will also participate in monthly SAP carnivals. Participation requires a commitment to train twice a week (minimum), attend carnivals and an additional cost of $240 for the SAP Program (i.e. in addition to club registration fees of $185 – DO NOT select  Proskills Program option under ‘other products’ during registration). For more information about this program and to register for the trials contact Liz Edwards liz6@froggy.com.au.


As for Proskills program with girls only group/s (number of groups, ages of groups to be determined depending on number of girls who register). 12week program on Wednesday afternoons. Additional cost of $60. Select Proskills Program option under ‘other products’ during registration. .


For U8 -U11 age groups, dependent on numbers and FFNC creating a girls only MiniRoos pool (this will depend on team nominations from other clubs as well as PBFC). Please answer the question about your daughter’s interest in playing in a girls only team during the registration process.


If you are interested in coaching a team this season please contact our coach coordinator Austin Pratt  astn_pwrs@yahoo.com.au.