State of Play survey

The Board of FFNC has commissioned a survey with a major objective of obtaining a detailed snapshot of current feelings and challenges facing football locally. Once the survey results have been collated, a face to face, round table workshop will be scheduled to discuss the results and advance possible solutions to any challenges found.


The survey has significant implications for the game in the region in the future and your input is vital.


The survey has been designed by the Institute of Sport (iSport), an independent sports research organisation located in Lennox Head, NSW with over twenty-five years experience in sport and sport business research.


The research has been undertaken in this way as the Board wishes to gain independent information about football on the FNC.


The information will then be used to help the sport become better administered and reach its’ full potential in the region. The survey is the first step in this process and is therefore vitally important. It should be noted that this is NOT a reflection of existing administration within the region and there is no hidden agenda to this survey. It is an attempt by the Board to ensure football in the area is best placed to take advantage of continued growth.


So… could you please take fifteen minutes to give iSport some honest responses to a range of questions that will help the process now and in the future. There are no ‘correct’ answers and this is personal opinion so please be constructive in your answers and comments – that way they can be used to more effectively to discuss, build ideas, plans and strategies.


The survey is entirely voluntary and completely confidential – data cannot be traced back to any individual/team and will only be used in a pooled form. It will close in late February so get in now!


Access the survey here:


Thanks for your time and if you have any questions please do not hesitate to email: Dave