Amended / reviewed and passed by committee members September, 2016.

Mission Statement

Pottsville Beach Football Club Incorporated (PBFC) is a not-for-profit association that works in conjunction with committee members, players, volunteers, coaches and managers to provide a football club for the whole community. It relies on volunteers for its success and all money raised is used to benefit the club and surrounding community.


It is the committee’s belief that management is nothing more than motivating other people and that a successful club comes from a happy community. We believe leadership is action, not a position. This is why we work on an open door policy and the belief that every one has the right to a fair say. We welcome new faces, new ideas and anyone willing to lend a helping hand. It takes a lot to run a club our size and we believe with the right attitude our club will grow more successful as the years pass by. We encourage people to become involved, no matter how little, to help us ensure this success. We do not believe in bias, derogatory comments or the use of profanities as means of success. We believe in the respect of people as individuals and the importance of volunteers. Respect of property is also fundamental. Most importantly we believe that many hands make light work and that the future depends on what we do in the present.


Pottsville Beach Football Club will Endeavour to:-

  1. Encourage, foster and promote football by organising, managing and assisting to arrange competition for the club’s football teams.
  2. Teach, develop and encourage a spirit of sportsmanship amongst members.
  3. Promote the physical and social development of members.

A1. Club Name

The name of the club shall be Pottsville Beach Football Club Inc. and shall be referred to hereinafter as PBFC.

A2. Club Colours

The representative colours of PBFC shall be any combination of purple, black and white.

A3. Club Emblem

The official club emblem shall be a panther and a football ball incased in black outline.

A4. Affiliation

PBFC shall be affiliated with Football Far North Coast (FFNC) and if deemed necessary affiliation will be made with any other Association or Sporting Body.

A5. Jurisdiction

The jurisdiction of the club shall cover all club officials, members, team managers, team coaches, players, grounds and matches within its area and referees: where such referees are not members of an official organisation of referees. This jurisdiction may be extended beyond the area covered by PBFC, by arrangement with other football associations and with the approval, if necessary of FFNC. Jurisdiction shall also cover players representing PBFC in matches or competitions outside the area.

A6. NO Liability

PBFC offers no liability or responsibility in any way for charges or damages resulting from injuries, accidents and loss or damage to property and personal possessions to any persons.

A7. Disciplinary Action

Discipline of players, members and club officials of PBFC, shall be dealt with in accordance with the Disciplinary Policy and Procedures by PBFC for conduct considered prejudicial to the club.

B1. Committee Members

Committee Members of PBFC shall consist of:

  • President, two vice presidents (junior and senior), secretary, treasurer, registrar, licensee, gear steward, female participation officer, coaching co-ordinator, groundsman and co-ordinators for each grade of mini roos and any others deemed necessary by PBFC to ensure a successful season.

B2. Executive Committee

Shall consist of president, two vice presidents, secretary, treasurer and registrar.

B3. Removal of a Member

In a general meeting the executive committee may remove a member of the committee before the expiration of their term and may appoint another person to hold office until the expiration of the term of office of the member removed. The committee will take into consideration all members views, ideas and thoughts when considering the dismissal and appointment of committee members.

C1. Election of Committee Members

  • Committee Members of PBFC shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) and hold office for a period of twelve months. A member may be voted out as stated in clause B3 of this constitution.
  • Nominations for positions as committee members of PBFC may be made in writing prior to the AGM.
  • Oral nominations will be accepted for the committee members of PBFC, in addition to those received in writing, at the AGM.
  • Elections will be accepted once a person is nominated, the nomination is seconded and those present have voted and majorities have agreed.
  • In the event of failure to elect any committee members at the AGM or where a vacancy occurs during the year PBFC at a general meeting shall endeavour to fill the position.

D1. Committee Members

  • report to president;
  • have the right to vote at committee meetings;
  • report to executive committee on decisions / recommendations;
  • works closely with the president and all committee members for the benefit of PBFC;
  • assigns work to volunteers under their category and ensure they have enough information to complete their job effectively;
  • attend monthly meetings and raises issues as necessary;
  • make a serious commitment to participate for the benefit of PBFC;
  • volunteers for, accepts jobs and completes them to the best of their ability within the arranged time;
  • gives notice when unable to perform their duties;
  • makes apologies as soon as possible if unable to attend a meeting;
  • stay informed about committee matters, prepare well for meetings and reviews and comments on minutes and reports;
  • Gets to know other committee members and builds a working relationship that contributes to the club;
  • are active participants in the clubs annual evaluation and planning;
  • participates where necessary outside their category for the benefit of the club;
  • show ability to analyze, listen and think clearly and creatively, work well with people, individually and in a group;
  • be willing to ask questions, take responsibility, follow through on assignments, open doors to the community and evaluate oneself;
  • develop certain skills where required e.g. recruiting committee members and volunteers;
  • never behave in a way that could bring PBFC into disrepute;
  • any member may be reported for conduct considered prejudicial to the best interest of PBFC to appear before the executive committee;
  • be sensitive to and tolerate differing views, be friendly, responsive and patient;
  • possess honesty, community building skills, personal integrity, own sense of values, concern for non profit development and most importantly have a sense of humour!

D2. Executive Committee

  • listen to committee members about issues regarding PBFC without bias;
  • take into account whole clubs benefit when making decisions;
  • have majority say when issues are put forward from non-committee members;
  • organise extra meetings when necessary as issues arise;
  • shall be responsible for the efficient running of PBFC
  • shall meet at times determined by the needs of PBFC;
  • shall have the power to act on behalf of PBFC on matters of immediate urgency;
  • shall administer PBFC’s business including the following:
    • (a) admission or rejection of applications by a person for registration as a player;
    • (b) approval or refusal of any player’s application for regrading;
    • (c) the suspension or expulsion of any team or player from participation in any competition or matches under the jurisdiction of PBFC;
    • (d) the suspension or expulsion of any club committee member, team member, team manager, team coach or other person from participation in PBFC’s affairs where such persons deemed guilty of conduct prejudicial to the best interest of PBFC;
    • (e) the control and management of all competitions or matches conducted by PBFC;
    • (f) the determination of competitions to be conducted and the grading of teams where no special grading committee is appointed;
    • (g) the control of management of all finances of PBFC;
    • (h) function as the protests and disputes committee in accordance with the constitution of PBFC.

D3. Age Group Co-ordinators

  • are members of the committee;
  • fulfil duties of their category to the best of their ability;
  • provide reports on progress;
  • seek clarification with committee before taking action on major matters;
  • organise sub-meetings for their category as necessary;
  • seek assistance / clarification from committee where needed.

D4. Financial Members

  • include the committee members of PBFC, players and coaches (if a player is 18 years or younger then one family member is deemed the financial member when it comes to voting);
  • other interested parties will be required to pay a membership fee set each year by PBFC at the AGM (the executive committee has the perogative to waive this fee) are able to vote at committee meetings;
  • The following positions fulfil their job description as well as that outlined in clause D1, D2 and D3;

E1. President

  • serves as chief volunteer;
  • has no vote. Can only cast a vote if there is a deadlock upon which he will have the casting vote;
  • presides over meetings and conducts meeting in accordance with the meeting protocol;
  • is a partner with the committee in achieving PBFC’s mission;
  • provides leadership to the committee;
  • chairs meetings after conferring with the secretary about the agenda;
  • has active role in appointing other committee members;
  • discusses issues of PBFC with committee before taking action;
  • helps guide and mediate committee actions with respect to all parties;
  • monitors financial planning and finance reports;
  • is second signatory for cheques and payments by internet;
  • evaluates year progress with written report;
  • performs other responsibilities necessary to maintain a successful club;
  • ensures that decisions made from committee are carried into effect;
  • head contact for Koala Beach Fields regarding sharing of premises and grounds;
  • report to committee with their requests and issues;

E2. Vice President – Senior and Junior

  • performs presidents responsibilities when the president is not available;
  • reports to the president if not presiding over meetings has the right to vote;
  • works closely with all committee members to ensure the successful running of PBFC;
  • performs other responsibilities as assigned by the committee;

E3. Secretary

  • maintains the safety of committee records;
  • ensures effective, accurate management of PBFC’s records;
  • manages minutes of committee meetings types and distributes minutes shortly after each meeting;
  • acknowledges previous minutes at each meeting;
  • informs everyone by e-mail of changes to meeting times;
  • prepares newsletters and makes them available through e-mail and on website;
  • updates website as necessary;
  • keeps a key register;
  • work with president or vice presidents in liaising with Council regarding Koala Beach Fields;
  • retains written information on decisions made, passed or pending. Who moved a motion, who passed it and seconded it;
  • knows rules and regulations of Football Far North Coast (FFNC);
  • main point of contact for Football Far North Coast and other associated clubs;
  • deals with incoming correspondence (phone, e-mail or mail) daily;
  • forwards correspondence to appropriate people and retains a record;
  • compiles and distributes contact lists (committee members, coaches etc) to appropriate people;
  • forwards urgent information by phone to appropriate people;
  • keeps a record of all injuries (players, officials etc) and informs FFNC
  • Administer the club in accordance with club protocol
  • first signatory of cheques and payments by internet
  • responsible for liaising with Department of Fair Trading;

E4. Treasurer

  • manages all financial matters of PBFC and issues receipts if necessary;
  • reconciles bank statements with PBFC other financial records and provides financial reports at each meeting;
  • is a signatory of cheques;
  • recommends financial guidelines e.g. reserve funds;
  • advise committee on financial priorities;
  • has a sound understanding of financial accounting for non-profit organisations;
  • banks all money received into the club’s bank account no later then the Friday following the weekend of receipt;

The following positions fulfil their job description as well as that outlined in clause D1 and D3.

E5. Registrar

  • sets up online registration (MFC);
  • attends every sign on day;
  • accepts players fee payments and paperwork;
  • works with secretary in registering players to ensure paperwork is processed correctly and money is handled appropriately;
  • provides a report at committee meetings regarding progress of registration.

E6. Wet Weather Contact

  • decides with another committee member the need for weekend ground closure;
  • works closely with the Council and committee members in adhering to requests of ground closure;
  • follows ground closure procedure and provides their phone number as the club;
  • contact for coaches and players of both PBFC and other clubs within our zone.

E7. Council contact

  • contacts council when necessary regarding repairs or maintenance work;
  • informs committee of request/ issues arising from council and level of importance;
  • provides phone number to Council for contact with PBFC.

E8. Canteen coordinator

  • orders all stock for the canteen including food, drinks and alcohol;
  • makes up lolly bags;
  • ensures a clean work environment before, during and after serving;
  • co-ordinates to ensure suitable team rosters of volunteers for the season
  • required to open the canteen (or find alternative person) whenever there are home games. This may include Friday nights, Saturday morning and afternoon and Sundays;
  • is to hold / gain Responsible Services of Alcohol Certificate and Food Handling and Hygiene Certificate. It is up to PBFC discretion as to whether the cost of this training will be funded by PBFC.

E9. Fundraising Co-ordinator

  • organises grants forPBFC;
  • works to ensure a roster for teams to sell raffle tickets at games e.g. seniors to sell tickets at junior games and juniors to sell at senior games;
  • sources prizes for major and minor raffles;
  • organizes BBQ’s, special events as fundraises;
  • works with social co-coordinator in integrating social ideas with fundraising;
  • works with secretary or treasurer in assuring appropriate management of funds received through fundraising efforts;
  • works with committee in establishing fundraising ideas and reporting progress/success.

E10. Purchasing Officer / Gear Steward

  • organises equipment ready for distribution to team coaches prior to season;
  • ensures storeroom is orderly;
  • keeps records of equipment distributed;
  • accounts for all equipment at the end of season;
  • ensures there are enough appropriate sized balls, bibs and cones for each team;
  • orders team socks before sign on to ensure distribution at this time;
  • orders new jerseys as committee recommends;
  • orders club shirts for new players and those who have not received one for two years;

E11. Trophy Co-ordinator

  • sources best deal for trophies and coaches presents;
  • liaises with trophy shop and ensures the lists they receive have the correct spelling of players names and teams;
  • orders trophies for all teams (seniors and juniors);
  • arranges presents for coaches.

E12. Groundsman

  • ensures grounds are marked prior to season starting and when necessary throughout the season;
  • sets up mini roos fields each Saturday morning;
  • organises with committee working bees when needed.

E13. Social Co-ordinator

  • organises senior and junior presentations;
  • works with fundraising co-coordinator;
  • works with committee to establish ideas and ways to progress with them;
  • organises functions before and during season where appropriate.

E16. Coaching Co-ordinator

  • organises a coaches meet and greet;
  • works with secretary in contacting Football Far North Coast regarding coach training;
  • ensures each team has a reliable, trustworthy coach;
  • ensures committee are aware of complaints made against any coaches or players;
  • help resolve problems or issues with players or coaches and managers that may arise;
  • to assist and support coaches / managers and their teams.

F1. Player Code of Conduct

Refer to PBFC Codes of Behaviour and Conduct Policy and Disciplinary Policy & Procedures.

F2. Coaches Code of Conduct

Refer to PBFC Codes of Behaviour and Conduct Policy and Disciplinary Policy & Procedures as well as:

  • give everyone a fair go;
  • attend general meetings;
  • in the absence of the team manager carry out their duties as stated in clause F3;
  • need to have a working with children check (juniors);
  • a first aid certificate is encouraged;
  • be committed to the team for the whole season.

F3. Team Managers Duties and Responsibilities

  • abide by the team coaches decisions at all times in matters relating to the team;
  • ensure appropriate behaviour of players;
  • assist with training;
  • be responsible for team sheets prior to each game (competition grades only);
  • attend club meetings;
  • inform the secretary of any disputes or protests as soon as possible after the completion of the match;
  • never behave in a way that could bring PBFC into disrepute;
  • will not smoke on or near fields or canteen facilities.

F4. Parents Duties, Responsibilities and Code of Conduct

Refer to PBFC Codes of Behaviour and Conduct Policy and Disciplinary Policy & Procedures as well as:

  • support your child, the coach and PBFC;
  • teach your child that honest effort is as important as victory, so that the results of each game are accepted without undue disappointment;
  • turn defeat into victory by helping your child work towards skill improvement and good sportsmanship;
  • volunteer for canteen and selling raffle tickets when possible – our club is run by volunteers and any kind of help is really appreciated;
  • ensure your child arrives on time to games and training with all the correct equipment and uniform;
  • alert the committee of any issues;
  • abide by the team coaches’ decisions at all times in matters relating to the team.

F5. Spectators Code of Conduct

Refer to PBFC Codes of Behaviour and Conduct Policy and Disciplinary Policy & Procedures as well as:

  • alert the committee of any issues;
  • support PBFC wherever possible;
  • abide by the team coaches decisions at all times in matters relating to the team;
  • report any disruptive players or parents to the committee;
  • the use of profanities or derogatory comments will not be tolerated.

G1. Complaints Procedure

Players ⩥ Coaches ⩥ Secretary ⩥ Executive committee ⩥ President
Parents ⩥ Coaches ⩥ Executive committee ⩥ President
Volunteers ⩥ Secretary ⩥ Executive committee ⩥ President
Referees / linesman ⩥ Secretary ⩥ Executive committee ⩥ President
Co-ordinators ⩥ Secretary ⩥ Executive committee ⩥ President

If two coaches have been nominated for one team then the parents of that team are to vote on who they would like their team coached by. This is then taken before the committee who has the final decision. Experience, qualifications and rapport with children and adults will be taken into consideration when making the decision.

G2. Keys

Full Sets (toilets, lights, club house, canteen, store room) to be distributed to:

  1. president
  2. vice president (senior & junior)
  3. canteen coordinator
  4. secretary

At least one coach per afternoon is to have toilet and light key. Senior coaches and groundsman to have toilet, light and store room keys. Gear steward is to have store room and club house keys. Key Register – all parties are to sign for acceptance of keys and return them at the end of each season to the president or secretary.

G3. Responsible Services of Alcohol

  • Only persons with a current NSW RSA are able to sell liquor;
  • Ian Charlton holds the club’s liquor license.

G4. Fundraising

  • no club member can fundraise for individual teams for any purpose without first receiving approval from PBFC at a general meeting;
  • PBFC may not be used for any purpose by any person without the approval of PBFC;

G5. Member’s Liabilities

The liability of a member of PBFC to contribute towards the payment of the debts and liabilities of PBFC or the costs, charges and expenses of the winding up of PBFC is nil.

G6. Funds-Sourced

Players registration fees will be determined annually by PBFC. The funds of PBFC shall be derived from player’s registration fees, donations, sponsorship, canteen sales and are subject to any resolution passed by PBFC passed at a general meeting and such other sources as the committee determines.

All monies received by PBFC shall be deposited as soon as possible and without deduction to the credit of PBFC’s Bank account at the Commonwealth Bank. The treasurer as soon as practible after receiving the money will issue an appropriate receipt.

G7. Funds Management

Subject to any resolution passed by PBFC at a general meeting, the funds of PBFC shall be used in pursuance of the objects of PBFC in such a manner as the committee determines. All cheques shall be signed by any two members authorised to do so by the committee. All internet payments are to be authorised by two members, firstly the secretary / president and secondly secretary / junior VP.

G8. Alteration of Objects and Rules

The statement of objects and these rules may be altered, rescinded or added to only by a Special evaluation of the executive committee.

G9. Insurance

Player: As determined by FFNC

Club: Public Liability as registered with FFNC

G10. Inspection of books / paperwork

The records, books and other documents of PBFC shall be open to inspection, free of charge, by a member of PBFC at any reasonable hour.

H1. General Meeting Protocol

  • meetings are held the second Monday of each month. Members of PBFC will be made aware of these times;
  • apologies are to be made to the president or secretary as soon as possible;
  • points for the agenda are to be e-mailed to the secretary at least 2 days prior to the next meeting;
  • members are to meet at 6.50;
  • meeting to start at 7pm sharp;
  • president to open meeting and make report if necessary;
  • secretary acknowledges last meetings minutes and has two people confirm, sign and date a copy;
  • secretary gives report;
  • secretary to take minutes recording who is present, apologies and all business discussed;
  • treasurer gives report;
  • reports from committee coordinators are given;
  • points on the agenda are discussed, voted on etc;
  • president asks for general business discussion. This is where new issues / concerns are raised;
  • meetings to close by 9.30 unless there are extremely pressing issues, otherwise points for discussion will be forwarded to next meeting;
  • respect is to be given at all times;
  • keep to the point, be clear, have for and against arguments and any costs involved ready for any ideas;
  • executive committee have final say regarding distribution of funds.

H2. Annual General Meeting Protocol

The AGM shall be held each year following the completion of the last game (excluding grand finals). Three weeks notice shall be given to all members by email and signs placed at the club house, indicating the date, time and place of meeting.

  • last AGM minutes acknowledged, signed and confirmed;
  • president to give report;
  • treasurer to give report and balance of funds;
  • consideration of any notice of motion to change the constitution;
  • all positions are declared vacant and expressions of interest are given;
  • written and verbal nominations are given;
  • nominations seconded;
  • everyone votes and position’s are filled;
  • secretary to take minutes;
  • general business relating to AGM discussed.

H3. Notice of Motion

Notice of motion towards alterations to the constitution needs to be given to the secretary two weeks prior to the AGM. In the event of a new committee being elected they have until the commencement of the first game for the season to give a notice of motion to the secretary. The motion needs to be passed by the executive committee. The secretary is to amend the constitution no later than two weeks after the motion is passed. All financial members need to be made aware of the changes via e-mail and the updated constitution placed on the website.

H4. Right to Vote

  • only financial members have the right to vote at committee meetings and the AGM (refer to clause D4);
  • votes by proxy for the AGM must be lodged with the secretary fourteen days prior to the AGM;
  • votes by proxy for committee meetings will only be eligible if the member has attended three meetings since the previous AGM. They need to be lodged with the secretary seven days before the next meeting;
  • each member shall have one vote only.

H5. Quorum

  • general meeting shall not be less than 5 committee members;
  • AGM shall not be less than 7 committee members.

I1. Registration of Players

  • any person wishing to participate in competitions or matches conducted by PBFC shall register as a player in accordance with these rules, PBFC Fee Payment Policy, PBFC Registration and Grading of Junior Teams Policy and Policy for Registration & Formation of Senior Teams;
  • register via My Football Club online. Follow procedures and monies to be paid online, via direct deposit or credit card or in person with cash.
  • any player who incorrectly states his / her year of birth on a team or player registration form, knowing the facts stated to be false, shall be automatically suspended from PBFC for the remainder of the season;
  • committee members to determine at a general meeting any discounts in fees for families.
  • players are not deemed registered until receipt of a confirmation of registration email from the registrar and all fees are paid in full.

I2. Transfer of Players

  • application for transfer of a registered player from PBFC must be in writing;
  • PBFC must approve in writing that the player is eligible for transfer;
  • a player will not be granted transfer unless all registration or other fees imposed from time to time are paid;
  • FFNC must be notified via e-mail/fax of the application for transfer;
  • a player who is financial but has not played in any competition matches may have any fees retained by PBFC refunded minus a $20 administration fee;
  • a player shall not be received in transfer until written release has been received from his/her former club;
  • no player may be transferred or received in transfer after the date specified by FFNC;
  • a player shall not receive a transfer until all belonging from PBFC are returned and signed off.

I13. Life Membership

Nominees must have given at least 10 years continuous service or 11 years service where service is interrupted, to the club. Nominations for the honor are to be submitted on a confidential basis, in writing, for consideration to the secretary giving full details of relative history and service to the club. The nominations shall reach the secretary 7 days prior to the AGM. Acceptance of the nomination for Life Membership shall be determined by a majority vote at the AGM. Successful recipients shall be presented with a (approx.) 200mm x 150mm plaque with PBFC logo and engraved with recipients name, year and Life Member. Their name will also go on the Life Membership honor Board located in the Club House.