An update on the 2022 season.

Distribution to the FFNC community

Hello everyone,
Let me offer positive thoughts to everyone at this most devastating time. Words are so inadequate and the depth of the impact far and wide is not yet fully known, but regretfully, early information reveals that a dire situation is being faced broadly across many parts of the region.

Football is the furthest thing for anyone to think about at this stage and I simply write to make it known that there is NOTHING to be done or considered, in regards to football matters until further notice,. Although there will be conversations in due course, it is too early to start making clear decisions (on any matter) until more is known about the way things are in each part of the region and about the immediate and longer term impact on individuals, families, businesses and upon our entire community.

Circumstances will be assessed in due course appropriate to each club, however our focus right now is on the community and each person (not football), so the next communication will not happen until at least later this month. Timelines previously advised (such as for nominating teams) will necessarily be re-calibrated when more is known about the extent of this terrible event that has occurred in recent days.

Stay safe. Ffnc office.

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