GREAT SPORTSMANSHIP starts with you children will follow your lead. So please encourage your child to shake hands after every game and congratulate good play no matter which side does it. Remember children participate for their enjoyment. Winning is only a part of the fun.

Koala Beach Fields:  Please note the following restrictions at our fields:

NO smoking;  NO cats or dogs:  NO glass, NO swinging on goal posts


Club Secretary –

Working with Children Officer – TBC

Miniroos (Grade 6/11) Co-ordinator – Tim Shackell

Junior Competition (Grade 12/16) Co-ordinator – Michelle Acret

Coaching Co-ordinator – Ben Haigh

The Age Coordinator should be the contact coaches/managers use if they have questions or encounter a problem.

Parent Information

We hope the information below will assist you to become an involved member of your team and the club and you have a really enjoyable season as a member of our football family.

MiniRoos playing format: Information about the miniroos rules and how to be an effective game leader (usually the coach) can be found here.

Training days & times:  This is usually a decision for the coach as he/she is a volunteer and may have limited time flexibility.  It is vital for all players to attend training each week and to be ready to train with boots and shin pads 10 mins before.  Shin pads are compulsory – it is a requisite for insurance by Football Far North Coast and without them your child may not be allowed to play/train.

Once the club has been notified of training times for all teams, a training schedule will be posted on the club notice board. Each team will be allocated an area to train. Please be considerate of other teams and keep to your training time and area.

Equipment:  Players require covered footwear/boots (available through Sports stores), shin guards, PBFC gear such as shorts, socks & miniroos (6-11yrs) playing shirt are available through the canteen on game days.  Playing strips (12yrs +) are provided by the club to all senior and junior competition teams for use on game days only.

Team coach – Your child’s coach is a volunteer who is giving up his/her time to assist your child in playing the game of football.  Please respect your coach’s time and attend training.  Please pick up your child on time.  CAN YOU HELP – either at practice setting up or packing away.  If your child is unable to attend training, please be considerate and let your coach know.

Team manager – Every team should have a team manager appointed.  It helps ease the load on the coach.  The team manager should be the first person you go to to address any issues or concerns.  The team manager should pass on information about games and club communications to the team as well as organise rosters when your team is scheduled for team duty. The team manager will be sent information from the club via the Age Coordinator.

Team duty:  Every junior team will be assigned team duty.  This is usually only once or twice per season.   Duty includes…help with field set up, checking and maintaining cleanliness of toilets, canteen duty and ground official duty.  More information on team duty will be sent to your coach/manager when it is your team’s turn.

Games:  It is your responsibility to check game time and venue.  Please check the PBFC website which has a link to the draw through the ‘Fixtures’ tab.  The draw often changes so it is a good idea to check each Thursday or Friday before your scheduled game.

There is also an App you can use to easily access your teams game times/dates.

Download the GameDay app (look for the Game Day icon) and select:
-> Teams
-> Select search icon
-> Select “club”
-> Type Pottsville Beach Football Club
-> search for your team and save it to your profile.

What time should I arrive to my game?
Each coach will have their own requirements, please respect their requests.  If this has not been stated by your coach please arrive at least ½ hour before commencement of game, properly attired in shorts, shin pads, socks, boots and water bottle.

No hard headbands, caps, bobby pins, earrings, piercings, necklaces, bangles etc. are to be worn.  Please make sure your child’s hair is tied back if necessary.

Communication:   We use Facebook as our primary communication tool. We urge everyone to check the club Facebook page regularly so you don’t miss club information. You can elect to see PBFC Facebook posts first in your feed by selecting this option from the drop down arrow near the “like’ button. You do not need to be on Facebook to view the Club’s Facebook page, but will need to check it regularly and scroll down through old posts, if this is the case.

We also relay information to parents via our Age Coordinators and the Team Manager/coach for each team.

In some instances you may be sent emails.  If you change your email address, please let the club’s secretary know –

Wet weather:  It is important to understand that matches or training sessions are generally only cancelled when the grounds are unplayable – not just because it is raining.  Unplayable fields are fields that stop or impede the ball from rolling due to surface water and/or pose an injury / risk to players / referees.  For ground closures in the Tweed Shire use the field condition link on our website.  For clubs outside of Tweed Shire, check the relevant club’s website or Facebook page.  DO NOT ring or text committee members as they will know as much as you. We will post wet weather information on Facebook as it becomes available.

It is considered advisable for each team to develop its own unique agreed communication procedure in case of wet weather for games and training.

Carnivals:  There are a number of carnivals run at clubs throughout the region each year. These are usually a full/half day of  games on a Sunday and are a great opportunity to have some fun.  More information about carnivals can be found under the club info tab and will be posted on our Facebook page.

Fundraisers:  Please support any fundraising throughout the season as it helps provide important resources.

Club Committee: Please note that the club is run by a small group of volunteers who are parents or players just like you. No one is paid to run the club. Without these committed volunteers your child would not be able to play football. The best way to make improvements is to get involved yourself. Committee Meetings are held monthly and anyone can attend. Contact the club secretary to find out when the next meeting will be held –