This Policy needs to be considered in conjunction with the PBFC Fee Payment Policy.


  1. YOU REGISTER TO PLAY FOR PBFC – not a specific team.
  2. All players registering with PBFC, agree to abide by the Players Code of Behaviour and Conduct.  Please read through the Players Code – available for viewing under the downloads tab on PBFC website.
  3. Player registrations must be made online using playfootball.com.au – Football Federation Australia’s national online system.  The online registration system generally opens in late January/early February annually.
  4. Registrations received after PBFC ‘cut off’ dates will only be accepted on condition that availability of a position exists within that a team.  PBFC will try to register all players.  However, if a team has the maximum number of players and there is not the possibility of another team being formed PBFC may not be able to register the player.  The decision is made at the discretion of the committee.
  5. The club, at its discretion, may reject any application for registration.  Persons whose application for registration has been rejected may appeal the decision to the club, however the club is not compelled to provide justification.  Possible reasons for rejection of registration may include:
    • History of bad behaviour or breaching code of conduct;
    • History of not paying fees on time or failure to pay previous years fees;
    • No space in nominated age group;
    • No teams in nominated age group;
  6. Once finalised, teams will be displayed on the website.

Note: Any paid registration that is rejected will be refunded in full by the club.


  • Placement of players of like ability into teams will commence as soon as practicable after registration.  Depending on team strengths, nomination for teams to go into particular divisions will be made to FFNC for inclusion into the competition.

Note however that FFNC does not guarantee that team nominations will be accepted and does not guarantee what divisions teams will be placed into.  Even though the club may appeal to FFNC regarding the placement of a team into a particular division, FFNC ultimately decide what division each team will be placed into.

  • The strongest players should always be placed into a single ‘top’ team in the highest appropriate division.  This is so that each division always has at least one team where the strongest players can get maximum development and competition.
  • The Vice President – Senior will make any final decisions on the formation of teams after consultation with the committee.